Original Studio Albums
Last Updated August 25th 1998

The Plan
© 1978 & 1984 Beggar's Banquet (BEGA 55)
This album was recorded in 1978 but not released until 1984. In fact it was never intended as an album - it's a series of early songs that were recorded but not initially intended for release. Although many consider this to be nothing more than another example of Beggar's Banquet cashing in on Gary's success, the fact is... there's some EXCELLENT material on this album and it's well worth owning.

Tubeway Army
© 1979 Beggar's Banquet Records (BEGA 4)

© 1979 Beggar's Banquet Records (BEGA 7)
Charted #1 In UK - Contains #1 Single "Are 'Friends' Electric?"

The Pleasure Principle
© 1979 Beggar's Banquet Records (BEGA 10)
Charted #1 In UK - Contains #1 Single "Cars"

© 1980 Beggar's Banquet Records (BEGA 19)

© 1981 Beggar's Banquet Records (BEGA 28)

I, Assassin
© 1982 Beggar's Banquet Records (BEGA 40)

© 1983 Beggar's Banquet Records (BEGA 47)

© 1984 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1001)

The Fury
© 1985 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (CDNUMA 1003)

Strange Charm
© 1986 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (CDNUMA 1005)

Metal Rhythm/New Anger
© 1988 Illegal Records/Independent Record Syndicate (ILPCD035/IRSWD-82005)
This album was released as "Metal Rhythm" in the UK and as "New Anger" in North America. There are significant differences in the track layouts, song selection, and some of the song mixes. If you're able to obtain both, do so.

© 1991 Illegal Records/Independent Record Syndicate (EIRSA 1039/X2 13077)

Machine + Soul
© 1992 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1009/NUMACDX 1009)
Regular and extended editions were produced. Due to a production snag, some copies of the "extended" edition exist that in fact do not contain the four extra tracks.

© 1994 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1011/NUMACDX 1011)
Widely regarded as a "return to form" for Gary and possibly his best album of all time. Regular and extended editions were produced: the latter contains no new tracks but all songs were remixed in extended form.

© 1995 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1013)
A completely-instrumental album, comprised of material left over from the soundtrack of the 1991 movie "The Unborn". Co-written with Michael R. Smith.

© 1997 Eagle Records (EAGCD008)
The most-anticipated new release by Gary Numan since "Telekon", and some would say his finest album of all time.

Many of these original albums are no longer available as originally released. The Beggars Banquet catalogue (the first eight selections on this list) have been reissued in various forms, and some others are on the verge of reissue due to strongly renewed interest in Gary both in the UK and in North America.

While we strive to maintain a current and accurate discography, errors can and will arise from time to time. If you notice any errors in these listings, please let us know so that the information can be corrected. Thank you.