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Ask any Numan fan. Heck, ask Gary himself. They'll all tell you: Outland is one of Gary's poorest albums. Coming as it did during a self-described low point in his career, this album suffers from a few problems, notably an attempt (foisted upon him by the record label) to sound like Janet Jackson or Prince - in fact, a cover of Prince's "1999" was recorded as a b-side during this era.

I don't entirely buy this negative point of view. Certainly there are some tracks here that are not among my favourites. But there is some good work here, and some catchy tracks. Gary says that this album lacks "Numanness", yet it incorporates many elements from the soundtrack that he and Michael R. Smith put together for the movie "The Unborn" (which turned up again in the 1995 album Human), and THAT had PLENTY of "Numanness".

Judge for yourself. But try to keep an open mind and forget, just for a moment, what you may have heard or read about this album. I know it gets its fair share of playing time in my CD player...

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Track Listings
# Song Title RealAudio
1 Interval 1 28K G2 01:14
2 Soul Protection 28K G2 02:00
3 Confession 28K G2 02:00
4 My World Storm 28K G2 02:00
5 Dream Killer 28K G2 02:00
6 Dark Sunday 28K G2 02:00
7 Outland 28K G2 02:00
8 Heart 28K G2 02:00
9 Interval 2 28K G2 00:19
10 From Russia Infected 28K G2 02:00
11 Interval 3 28K G2 00:38
12 Devotion 28K G2 02:00
13 Whisper 28K G2 02:00

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