Last Updated September 2nd 1998

The 1987 Beggars Banquet Reissue Set

In 1987, Beggars Banquet decided it was high time to release their Gary Numan catalogue on compact disc, something Numa Records had started doing two years earlier. This first set was something less than hoped for: each release was comprised of a single CD containing the "best of" two seperate (vinyl) albums. Obviously this meant that some songs were left out from each album - the plan here was that any song left off would wind up on their compilation album, the 2-disc Exhibition set. The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley - some songs, notably "White Boys And Heroes" and "Engineers," were missing from BOTH the reissue set and the compilation. This set is no longer in production.

Tubeway Army & Dance
© 1987 Beggars Banquet (BEGA 4CD)
Replicas & The Plan
© 1987 Beggars Banquet (BEGA 10CD)
The Pleasure Principle & Warriors
© 1987 Beggars Banquet (BEGA 4CD)
Telekon & I, Assassin
© 1987 Beggars Banquet (BEGA 19CD)

The 1993 Beggars Banquet Reissue Set

In 1993, Beggars Banquet decided to rectify the mistake made with the 1987 Set and issued this new set. Each release contains TWO discs and includes not only the complete original albums, but also many (new to CD!) b-sides and even one song ("This House Is Cold") that was previously unreleased. For the most part, these albums contain exactly the same material as the now-discontinued Asylum series (a Japanese release) with just the one exception.

Tubeway Army & Dance
© 1993 Beggars Banquet (BEGA 151CD)
Replicas & The Plan
© 1993 Beggars Banquet (BEGA 152CD)
The Pleasure Principle & Warriors
© 1993 Beggars Banquet (BEGA 153CD)
Telekon & I, Assassin
© 1993 Beggars Banquet (BEGA 154CD)

The 1998 Beggars Banquet Reissue Set

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Beggars Banquet decided to take another kick at the cat, and released a third set of Numan reissues, this time selling each disc seperately rather than packaging two per jewel box. Other than that, the main difference between the 1993 set and this one is the sound quality: all the discs were digitally remastered and sound AMAZING. There are some other little quirks here and there: for example, the version of "I Die: You Die" on the Telekon disc is not the single/album version but rather the version used in the promo video. The Tubeway Army disc also includes, as a bonus, the Live At The Roxy bootleg tapes that have been floating around for a couple of decades (retitled: Living Ornaments '78).

As of this writing, August 26th 1998, only the first four albums have been released. Plans are under way to release the remaining four before the end of the year.

Tubeway Army
© 1998 Beggars Banquet (BBL 4 CD)
© 1998 Beggars Banquet (BBL 7 CD)
The Pleasure Principle
© 1998 Beggars Banquet (BBL 10 CD)
© 1998 Beggars Banquet (BBL 19 CD)

The Asylum Boxed Sets

In 1990, Beggars Banquet and their affiliate, ALFA Records of Japan, decided to release two four-disc boxed sets that would include EVERYTHING Gary recorded with Beggars Banquet during the period of 1978 through 1983. The material on Asylum 1 and Asylum 2 mirrors the 1993 Beggars reissue set (listed above) with the exception of "This House Is Cold", which had not yet been discovered in the Beggars vaults when this set was released. A third release, the one-disc Asylum 3, covers the "Touring Principle" live material and is listed seperately on the Live Albums page.

Asylum 1
© 1990 Beggars Banquet/ALFA Records (ALFA 6~9)
Asylum 2
© 1990 Beggars Banquet/ALFA Records (ALFA 10~13)

This page lists only those reissues that, in reissued form, are significantly different than they were originally (either because tracks were missing or because extra tracks were added). Other reissues, such as the Numa Records reissues of Strange Charm or The Fury, are listed on their original entries in the Discography, but will be moved here soon.

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