Last Updated February 19th 1997

Living Ornaments '79-'80
© 1981 Beggars Banquet (BOX 1)
Originally released as two seperate albums, this two-album set captures the magic of Gary's 1979 "Touring Principle" tour and 1980's "Teletour".

White Noise
© 1985 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1002)
From the "Berserker" tour.

© 1988 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1007)
From the "Exhibition" tour.

The Skin Mechanic
© 1989 Illegal Records/Independent Record Syndicate (IRSD-82023)
From the "Metal Rhythm" tour.

Double Peel Sessions
© 1989 Strange Fruit Records (SFPMACD202)
A live performance from two seperate broadcasts of "The John Peel Show" on BBC 1.

Asylum 3
© 1990 ALFA Records/Beggars Banquet (ALCB 31)
Released as part of the "Asylum" set, which was a complete collection of Gary's Beggars Banquet recordings. This disc is identical to Living Ornaments with two tracks missing.

Dream Corrosion
© 1994 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1010)
From the "Dream Corrosion" tour.

Dark Light
© 1995 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1012)
From the "Sacrifice" tour.

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