"Poetry and power, ice and fire. This is poetry and power."
Poetry And Power
Numan-Inspired Poems, Songs, Stanzas, Etc.

This feature is presented for historical purposes only. It is no longer being maintained at this site. As of June 26th 1999, responsibility for this feature has been assumed by Riana Pfefferkorn of Scary Numan. If you have new poetry to submit, please visit Riana's site.

Introduction - By Wayne Knisley

Welcome to Poetry and Power, where you the fan can be as creative as you like by submitting poetry, stanzas and thoughts totally dedicated to Gary Numan. Anything goes!

As you browse through these writings, you'll discover how other fans feel about Gary. Hopefully, this will stimulate the creative juices and encourage you to try your hand at putting your own ideas into words for display here.

This section will not be for everybody. However, I know that there are other fans who, like me, like to dabble a bit in this area of creativity. And then there are others who could care less. This is just another way of releasing yourself.

Hopefully Gary himself will visit this section and read what we've written to or about him.

Thanks for your contributions and remember... we reserve the right to edit or delete those submissions that are deemed rude, vulgar or offensive. Send submissions via email to Joey Lindstrom.

The following links are to original works written by the individuals named therein. All are protected by international copyright convention, and are used here with the express permission of the original authors. All of these works remain the intellectual property of the original authors, and may not be reproduced without express consent, except for archival purposes.

Title Writer Date
Machines Don't Sleep Michael Knapp 1998 Jun 30
My Numan High Harriett Branch 1998 Jun 30
When Replicas Ruled Michael Knapp 1998 Apr 7
Shadows On A Prisonmoon Stan King 1998 Apr 7
War Of The Machmen Michael Knapp 1998 Mar 16
Grip of The Myth Michael Knapp 1998 Mar 16
13th Generation William Wilson 1998 Mar 16
Dominion "Birth" Day Robert Trousdale 1998 Mar 16
The Abduction Michael Knapp 1998 Mar 1
Night Shift Michael Knapp 1998 Feb 20
Armageddon Michael Knapp 1998 Feb 6
Squadron Michael Knapp 1998 Feb 2
These 'Machine' Years Michael Knapp 1998 Jan 26
Perchance To Dream Riana Pfefferkorn 1997 Oct 20
The Show Grows Rusty Ronald L. McDowell 1997 Apr 24
Cry For Me! William Wilson 1997 Apr 14
Shadows Of My Mind William Wilson 1997 Feb 7
Slaying All Mammalians Brian Winchester 1997 Jan 7
If You're Godless, Please Share Mine Riana Pfefferkorn 1997 Jan 7
Dilemma 64 Brian Winchester 1996 Sep 26
Listening -- To Gary Numan Troy Walters 1996 Sep 2
Abandon Me Mason Haven 1996 Aug 26
A Delphi Tale Brian Winchester 1996 Aug 18
Ode To The Numan Completist Derek Langsford 1996 Aug 7
Drifting In A Sleep Wayne Knisley 1996 July 31

A Hearty "Thank You" To Wayne Knisley For Inspiring This Feature.