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Latest Updates On
April 11th 2000 Include:

New Tribute Album!
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Latest Additions To
The Listening Booth:
Exile Tour Retrospective
Song Of The Week (Now With Added Shite!)
Wednesday April 26th 2000:
"Are 'Friends' Electric?"
With Announcers Keith & Ross Procter

Listen To RealAudio G2 SureStream

Nominated By: Urban Lundqvist of Karlskrona, Sweden
From: Replicas    Year: 1979/1999    Label: Beggars Banquet
Nominate Your Favourite/Hear Past Songs

Coming Soon:
(More nominations needed! Please send some!)

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(1998 January 18)

An Explanation Of How This Site Got It's Name, Along With A Detailed Explanation of It's Reason For Being.

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(1999 June 29)

Ya Gotcher Numan Discography, RealAudio, Lyrics, Numan Newsletter, Numan FAQ, Kitchen Sink, Etc.!

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(1998 October 11)

Special Live Concert Presentations.

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(1998 October 31)

Links To Other Sites, Numanizing Win95, Copyright Information, And Other Stuff That Just Didn't Fit Anywhere Else.

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(1999 June 23)

Presented For Historical Purposes, This Section Contains Features No Longer Being Maintained At This Site. In Some Cases, They May Now Be Housed At Other Sites.

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(1999 June 23)

Learn All About That Nutbar Responsible For Foisting This Site Upon The World. Reward Offered For Capture.

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(1997 June 25)

Your Feedback Ensures That This Site Will Just Get Better And Better. Tell Me What You Like And What You Hate, And See What Others Have Said.

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The World Wide Webb is maintained by Joey Lindstrom, with custom artwork designed by Racey Sealock. It is not sanctioned by nor endorsed by Gary Numan. The name of this site was first suggested by Rupert Goodwins. I have also received kind assistance from a great many other people - individual credits, where known, appear on the pages they've helped with.

The World Wide Webb went online on October 3rd 1995. It was the first Canadian Numan site to go online and the third in the world (that I am aware of), behind THE TUBEWAY and NU-ZONE, both of which are now defunct. This collected work is Copyright Interocitor Dot Net, with some portions containing material protected by the copyright of others. No part of this site may be reproduced without permission.