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What's Nu?

00 Apr 11 A New Gary Numan Tribute Album, By One Of The Biggest Names In Rock History, Is Now Available. RealAudio Tracks Are Available On Their Website.
99 Jun 23 The Site Overhaul Is Now Complete. You Should Now Find It Much Easier To Find Your Way Around The Site. Also, Jeff Tolva Sent Me The Latest Edition Of The Compleat Gary Numan Discography.
99 Apr 27 An Overhaul Of This Site Is In The Works. All The Details Are Here.
99 Jan 25 The Move-In To The New Site Is Now Complete. All The Details Are Here.
99 Jan 6 I've Put A Temporary Moratorium On Additions To This Site. All The Details Are Here...
99 Jan 3 There Are New "Numan Network 1999" Logos Available In The Numan Network Page. George Ellis Has Been Elected Gary Numan Fan Of The Year By You, The Voters.
98 Dec 31 The Latest Compleat Discography Is Now Available.
98 Dec 14 I Added The "Random 3 Fan Projekt" Files To The Listening Booth. These Are Fan-Created Covers Of Numan Songs. Your Contributions Are Also Very Much Welcome!
98 Oct 27 All The Details About Our Recent Downtime, And A Special Announcement.
98 Sep 30 The Song Of The Week Is Now Available In Both Mono And Stereo. However, You Will Need To First Upgrade To The Latest RealAudio G2 "Beta 2" Player If You Wish To Listen To Stereo Presentations. Visit To Download And Install This Latest Version.
98 Aug 28 I've Begun A Bit Of A Revamp In The Discography Section, Which Will Be Completed Over The Coming Months. Part And Parcel With That Is A Lot Of Work Being Done In The Listening Booth, With A *LOT* Of New RealAudio Being Added. The Top Priority Over The Next Few Weeks Is Completion Of The Beggars Banquet Catalog.
98 Jul 31 Several Updates To Links To Other Sites, Including New URL's For "The Sleeproom" And "An Alien Cure", Plus New Listings For "Numanboy" And "My World Storm". New Numan Network Logos By Riana Pfefferkorn And Sean Caszatt Are Now Available. And Speaking Of Ms. Pfefferkorn, I Added Her "Rebuttal" To My Version Of Events (Day Seven) In The Exile Tour Page.
98 Jul 30 The World Wide Webb Uses The RAR Archiver For All Our Compression Needs. Alas, The RAR Page Has Been Slightly Out Of Date Since A New Version Was Made Available. This Is Now Fixed.
98 Jul 23 Began Conversion Of RealAudio Content To G2 Format. Here's Why.