"This is my head. This is my face. It's all my fault. This is my place. I don't really think I wanna stay."
This Is My Life
A Few Words 'Bout The Exhibitor

Joey Lindstrom with "Doctor" Bill Sharpe & Gary Numan
Photo taken on April 3rd 1996 in the bar at the Hog's Back Hotel, Guildford

Howdy! My name is Joey Lindstrom and I hail from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (home of the world-famous Calgary Stampede, the less-famous 1989 Stanley Cup Champion Calgary Flames, and the really, really famous 1988 Winter Olympic Games).

I'm 30+ years old (birthday is Feb 13 1967), about 180cm in height, 80kg in weight, eyes of hazel and brown hair of excessive curliness. I'm told I resemble a "nerd" in some respects... if you've got graphics turned on, you be the judge (look up, WAAAAAAAY up!)

Outside of Numan and computers, my interests include: radio production, skiing, ice hockey, television (Frasier, Babylon 5, Simpsons), conservative politics, and finding the perfect woman before I die of old age.

By night I'm a taxi driver for Associated Cabs here in Calgary. By day I'm a confirmed Gary Numan fan, aka "Numanoid".

I'm also an aspiring radio producer - I graduated with honours from the Cinema, Television, Stage and Radio Arts program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (in 1995), majoring in radio production. My audition tape, and other SAIT-related audio, is available for download. I live with my room-mate Garry, who refuses to allow me to identify him here other than by first name (and will deny any knowledge of my existence if questioned). We have two cats. "Hobbes" and "Ruddigger" - two points if you can correctly identify the source of the latter name.

In March/April 1996, I made the trip to the UK to visit relatives and see Gary Numan perform live in concert during the Premier Tour (final six shows). I saw a few of you there! I was easily recognizable as I often wore a Calgary Flames replica player jersey (pictured at right and below) with the number "96" on the back and shoulders and with the name "Gary Numan" on the back. Believe it... or not.

Squeezing out the extra time to create this shrine to the music of Gary Numan isn't easy, but it's a labour of love. My plans for this place are quite ambitious - it will take me some time to get everything together. Please do enjoy what is here for now, and check back regularly as I add more features. And hey: if you've got some great ideas that'll make this page better, I'd really like to hear from you!

Joey Lindstrom with Matthew Holbrook & Gary Numan
Photo taken on April 2nd 1996 in the lobby of the Polygon Hotel, Southampton

Gary is rumoured to be supporting the comprehensive Ugly Ice Hockey Jersey Importation Ban Act of 1998, currently before the House of Commons

Ruddigger - Named After Rutger Hauer

Hobbes - Cooler Than The Tiger, Just Dumber