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From Joe Diver of (Location Unknown)
1997 June 25 (Received Jun 22)
Congratulations on an excellent web site it looks extremely labour intensive. When do you expect to get the next Numan interview ( sorry if the answer to this is somewhere within your site, I didn't have time to view the whole site).
Hey Joe. Cool name. :-) Thanks for the kind words. Numan interviews pop up whenever they pop up. Not a great answer but we grab 'em and stick 'em online whenever we get 'em. The "Confession" page is usually updated once per month with Gary's responses to questions posed by readers of the Gary Numan Digest.
I was around for Gary's first gigs back in the late 70's and the last time I saw him was at the pre festival warm up gig's in 1996. In fact I ended up parking in the wrong place and ended up entering the venue from behind the parking lot for the tour vans. My girlfriend hadn't been to a gig before so I was explaining that she would be likely to see clones of most of Gary's images there. Just then I noticed a particularly good clone about 100 yards ahead so I pointed this guy out to her saying "there you are what did I tell you".

My girlfriend, who I remind you at that time was not a Numan fan and probably hadn't seen him on TV in 15 years, stopped me in mid-sentence and said I realise you're the fan but you ought to know that that IS Gary Numan. With composure in tatters and half expecting security men to grab me I walked past Gary unable to say anything other than "'Evening".

That's gotta be one of *THE* funniest anecdotes I've heard in a while. It sure beats the one I tell people: I walked into a nightclub with Numan lookalike Jason Smith in Birmingham about an hour after Gary's gig that evening. They were expecting Gary in attendance - so when we walked up to the door, instead of demanding our money they waved us right in... believing Jason to actually be Gary! Later, as I was taking photographs of him on the dance floor - at the request of his girlfriend - strangers were walking up to me asking "ooh, what's he like?" - again under the mistaken belief that Jason really was Gary. It was kinda wild!
P.s I am due to holiday in Canada in August touring the parks and the Rockies through Alberta and B.C. do you know of any web sites that might give me useful tourist information.
Hmmm. I'm not a good one for tourism information, really - but I'll suggest that you start with the Calgary Stampede website and then follow any tourism links you see from there. Maybe also try The Calgary Convention And Visitors Bureau as well. Good luck!

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From David Brezniak of Millbury, Massachusetts, USA
1997 March 13 (Received Mar 11)
Of all the Gary Numan sites I have visited, your's is ultimately the BEST organized, graphics are quite outstanding, information is up-to-date, and news appears as it happens! Along with Gary's own "NuWorld" and Matthew Hollbrook's "Nu-Zone" I think your site is fabulous!

It is not hard to see that much time and effort goes into this site, and you should be commended. I submitted a story to you about a month before now, and you were very curteous in helping me figure out where to put the story, as well as how long it should be, and you gave some helpful hints (grin). Many sites out there just put out anything, but it is easy to see you care about your site, almost as much as Gary cares about his fans!! I will reccomend this site to anyone, even if they aren't familiar with Gary, as this is the best place for them to start. From pictures to soundclips, ya' got it all! I just want to say "thanks" and hopefully we'll meet up at the '97 show (Exile), duh....

Thanks, David, for all your kind words. I do try to organize the site in a logical fashion... actually, in the fashion that I would like to see information organized on the other web sites that I visit. This job is never-ending, however... so any feedback you and/or others can offer regarding the useability of this site is greatly appreciated.

The time and effort that has already gone into this site is absolutely enormous... sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time on it. :-) But it's definitely rewarding. It's a joy when things are going well and it keeps me going when times are tough. This site is not the most popular Numan site on the net (owing to a number of factors, the biggest of which is its relatively-high bandwidth requirements), but I aim to continue to provide the largest and most complete Numan site around. So far I'm succeeding, and if in that success (caution: blatant theft of Gary Numan quote approaching!) I can make just one other person happy, then I've done something good.

As for the "Exile" tour this October... Alas, it looks very much like I won't be able to make it (although don't rule me completely out just yet). My financial situation isn't what it once was, and as I did attend the last "Premier" tour, it makes the decision to stay away this time around a little easier to take.

However, I STRONGLY urge you and anyone else considering going to make the trip. I had an absolute blast while on tour with Gary: it was a tremendous experience that I recommend to all long-suffering Numan fans who've either never seen him play live or haven't done since he last toured North America.

I recommend that you check out my Found You Now page, which is a little photo-diary of my trip. I've also re-installed my Exile page which contains some information that may help new travellers to the UK.

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From Sam Warren of New York, NY, USA
1997 February 7 (Received Jan 31)
I just wanted to say that your web page is beautiful! _Telekon_ was my favorite of Gary's albums, so it was nice to see those red strips going up and across the screen. Your graphics are gorgeous - I can't believe the clarity! Plus - my God, the comprehensive quality of the site! Anything and everything Gary seems to be represented. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures from your trip to see the Premier tour. I haven't personally caught any of his shows since Teletour, so it was great to hear all about from your perspective. And you actually met him, that's great!

I also very much appreciated the section on critics. It's great to be able to read what other people think of Gary's albums. I have bought everything he's put out for a very long time, but I've threatened to stop collecting his stuff after several albums (_Outland_, _Machine and Soul_, _The Fury_), but thank God I kept on collecting, because _Sacrifice_ is the greatest album of his career. I can hardly wait for _Exile_ (me and two hundred other numanoids, right?).

So thanks again for putting together this terrific web(b) site. I was thrilled to find it!

Thank you for your kind words, Sam. This site exists for fans just like you and just like me. Gary Numan was once (long ago) asked whether he was disappointed that a recent album sold "only" half a million copies. His response was essentially this: if he sells "only" half a million records, he's made half a million people happy. And if you can make half a million people happy, you've done something.

Me, I have smaller targets, but the goal is the same. For every ONE of you that I make happy, I've done something good. So Sam... you're quite welcome, and I hope you continue to enjoy this site. And don't forget: there's lots of opportunities for you to contribute to it!

Finally, let's give credit where credit is due: there's been a lot of contributions from viewers, lots of people have donated imagery and whatnot, and last but NOT least: our original graphics are being designed by my good friend Racey Sealock. If ya feel like giving him a pat on the back via email, I encourage you to do so. :-)

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From Mike Sugimoto of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1997 February 7 (Received Jan 31)
You and your damned frames.

All you bozos using frames should be shot.

This is not to be considered in any way a death threat.

(I think I need to go to bed. I'm going slightly insane.)

Yeah? Well as Captain Kirk might say, "double dumb-ass on you!"


Ya don't like frames? Don't use 'em, loser! Nya nya nya! There's an option on the intro page that says "Disable Frames". Most people would have taken the reckless course and clicked on "Disable Frames", but you... well, Mike, I can tell you're a special kinda guy...

(For anyone REALLY confused by now - Mike's a good friend of mine and he's just razzin' me!)

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From Frank A. Purcell of Rockville, Maryland, USA
1996 December 16 (Received Dec 13)
First let me say that I enjoy reading your World Wide Webb page very much! Your organizational skills are first rate. I've spent many hours looking through the various material on this site.
Thanks Frank. This means a lot to me, and given your credentials as a Unix systems administrator, that tells me that your opinion is an informed one (insert wide grin here).

You've identified what I consider to be the primary failing of a large percentage of web sites on the internet. In constructing this site, I've tried to look at it from the perspective of a VIEWER, and I continually ask myself "if I was looking for something specific, where would I expect to find it?", and then make sure I put that something specific in the right place. I've also got a few friends that check the site over at regular intervals looking for more-obvious mistakes that I occasionally miss: can't see the forest for the trees sometimes. Thanks for confirming that I'm succeeding with this goal, however I recognize that it's an ongoing process and more improvements could be made.

My question is, "Any Idea what happened to Matthew Holbrooke? I spent many months visiting Nu-Zone several times a week, then suddenly he's out of cyberworld without any notice. I merely am curious as to whether he is personally OK, or if he is just burned out. I understand that you are way over here on the North American continent, but you have mentioned that you are friends with him. If the reasons are personal, I have no intention of being 'nosey', and you can disregard this question.
It's a fair question. Unfortunately, I'm almost as much in the dark as you are. Matthew's "Nu-Zone" web site is one of the best on the planet and I for one have missed it for the last month and a half, and I hope Matthew returns to action soon.

As to his situation, all I've heard is a rumour or two but nothing concrete. I've tried placing a few phone calls to him but I haven't managed to make contact yet. If/when I have something to tell you, you'll see it posted on the I Wonder page.

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From Dan Utley of southern Indiana, USA
1996 December 6 (Received Dec 1)
World Wide Webb rules! as a Numan fan from southern indiana, it's hard to get info on da man. this page is a cool tool! i've been a fan of gary's since '79 and im glad he's still at it. i'm really glad that he is re-releasing THE FURY. My L.P. wore out years ago. your site inspired me to make this picture. it blends the touring principle stage set with the teletour wardrobe. hope you like it.

time heals nothing,it only rearranges our memory.

Thanks for the kind words, Dan. And I've placed your picture online as a clickable link above so that others can see your handiwork.

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From Steve Hampton of Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1996 September 26
I love this web site! I think it's in the same ranks as the CDNOW class of websites ( and by far the best web site of any other artist or performing act.

I wonder if you could provide a choice for text only viewing? I know you put a tremenous amount of effort into the graphics, and they're great! But, some of us, despite recent measures to make the pages load quicker, are still in the catagory of "the pentium challenged".

I think the CDNOW pages are mostly CGI/Java stuff, so their implementation of a [text view] switch is probably handled automatically, I don't know, I'm not a web programmer (have wrote a few CGI's though). But if all possible could we see similar fearture at your site?

Anything's possible, Steve. :-) But as for CGI/Java, I think that's a long ways off. I think my next step will be to move to a frames-oriented approach, which will hopefully allow me to finally, once and for all, I really really mean it this time, reduce the loading time of the front page.

Part of the problem here is that I don't do Windows. Not at all. You can't make me, nyah nyah nyah! Joey Lindstrom is an OS/2 man and proud of it. But despite Warp's complete superiority over Winblows 95, the simple fact of the matter is that there has not been a frames-compatible browser available for OS/2 until very recently. IBM's WebExplorer browser is quite an excellent piece of work (handles graphics better than ALL other browsers out there), but it has badly fallen behind in terms of "the latest features". Because my page development takes place in a completely OS/2 environment, I can't properly test my work if I try to implement frames and other features. I do have a small Windows 95 partition, with Internet Exploder installed, but there's not enough room on that drive to store the complete World Wide Webb fileset (Windows cannot read OS/2-formatted hard drives), which as of this writing consumes about 37 megabytes, putting this site among the top 2% of personal web sites as far as sheer size goes. :-)

The problem is about to be resolved. With the release of OS/2 Warp Version 4.0, we finally have a native browser that does frames: namely, the recently-announced and still-in-beta Netscape Navigator For OS/2. This program is still quite buggy so I don't want to use it much for development just yet. But, it's coming along nicely and hopefully will soon be useable for site development.

To make a short story long, the problems you've outlined have existed off and on almost since the day I put this site online. I will go in and "clean house" and get the main page lean and mean... then two weeks later, I find I've added so much junk that I've gotta start the process over again. At least now I recognize the problem for what it is (ie: poor planning) and am working on better LONG TERM solutions. Until I've finished planning and implementing them, I can only ask that you bear with me and set your browser to cache images for a longer period of time (causing it NOT to reload the World Wide Webb graphics that you've already seen a million times).

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From An Anonymous Writer
1996 July 25
(This writer did not know that I would be posting these comments online so I am keeping his/her identity confidential. The comments involved may initially seem harsh but they're slightly out of context: this really was intended as a constructive criticism and not a bitch-fest.)
...there are too many graphics and as a result the page loads too slow. I gave up and stopped the loading, although it was almost done. I found it hard to synthesize all the links, because the graphics were so big, making it impossible to get them all onto the same screen.

In my experience with web pages, they are generally more user friendly if you keep them less flashy, and easier to use. The web abounds with animated gifs and busy graphics; what's really important is how easy your pages are to use. I try and make my pages user friendly, even to those with slower modems, and generally follow these rules:

  • Don't make them scroll down a really long page, if you have that much stuff, break it up into several pages
  • Use animated gifs judiciously-they really can eat up bandwidth (not applicable to your page, but something to keep in mind)
  • Try and leave some empty space on the page, so that the viewer isn't confronted with a huge jumble of links and graphics
  • If your page takes longer than 14 seconds to load that's too long (not my opinion, but a web publishing standard which my pages don't always conform to...however I try my best!)
Of course these are only my humble opinion, but they are the things that I look for in a web page...
This person's comments are well-intended and for the most part are quite accurate. This is something I've been fighting with for quite a while... feedback from some viewers complaining of long load-times versus feedback from others requesting that I change nothing (or risk losing this site's visual appeal).

As you can now see, the main index page of The World Wide Webb has been dramatically overhauled, as has the Noise Noise subsection. I think you will agree that it now loads in FAR less time than previously, and it's also easier to use - the question is, do you feel it's been at the expense of visual appeal? And if so, is the trade-off worthwhile? I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this.

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From Various Viewers
1996 April 24
Many have commented that, over the past few months, The World Wide Webb has been difficult to access, and that the loading of pages was taking far too long. This problem has now, I hope, been rectified on two fronts. First, I've reduced the number of graphics being loaded on some pages. And second, my provider has finally managed to iron out some problems with our incoming data feed. The result SHOULD BE much faster load times.

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From Brian McGibbon of Somewhere, USA
1996 January 21
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I have enjoyed visiting your internet site. I had no idea you had compiled such a comprehensive listing of information concerning planning such a trip. You could put a travel agent to shame! Great job on the Webb page overall-not just the 'travel section', I'll be dropping by regularly!

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From Paul Denman of Somewhere, UK
1996 January 9
Rest assured, the site looks excellent - even with Netscape 2.0 (Beta3) ... Well done on a very professional looking site!

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From Steve Hampton of Atlanta, GA, USA
1996 January 6
Thanks once again for the outstanding efforts on this web page!!!

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