In June of 1999, I decided that this site had just gotten way too big, and way too hard to maintain. I had submissions pending for many sections that had been waiting in my mailbox for months, without ever getting posted. It was time to scale back the overall scope of the site, which by now had been moving in an audio-visual direction. Up until this point, I was trying to do a little of everything and doing a really bad job of it.

In this section, I've collected all the old sections of the site that are no longer being maintained. They're presented here for historical reasons - and besides, there's actually some pretty cool stuff here. Be aware, however, that if you send me anything for posting in these sections, you'll be completely out of luck. If, on the other hand, you're willing to take any of these ideas and incorporate them into your own Numan website, please get in touch with me. I'm certain we can work things out (don't worry, I don't want your money!).

Click Ask Gary
(1998 April 7)

Gary Answers Your Questions. Sources Include Derek Langsford's "Gary's Q's", Radio Interviews, Online Chats, Etc.

Click Fan Poetry (Now Hosted By Scary Numan)
(1998 June 30)

Do You Ever Get The Itch To Write? Check This Section Out For Poetry, Prose, And Other Scribblings From Everyday Fans Such As Yourself.

Click Contests
(1997 June 4)

Win Numan Merchandise And Other Prizes! (Note: There Are Currently No Contests Underway - Check Back Later)

Click Being A Numan Fan
(1996 October 10)

What Does It Mean To You To Be A Fan Of Gary Numan? True Stories...

Click I Remember Gary...
(1997 November 5)

Operation: Gary Numan Awareness! Tell Us Your Stories About "Spreading The Gospel According To Gary." With Your Help, Never Again Will We Hear The Phrase, "Didn't He Do That 'Short People' Song?"

Click Opinions, Please
(1997 October 30)

The Fan Voting Page. Cast Your Vote For Your Favourite, And Not So Favourite, Albums & Videos. You Can Also Post Your Reviews Here.

Click Where To Buy Numan
(1997 January 16)

How To Get Your Grubby Little Paws On As Much Numan Music As You Possibly Can. Hey, It Might Be Worth Something Someday!

Click Chart History
(1996 June 20)

Gary Numan's Chart Positions Over The Years, As Compiled By Markus Dietrich.

Click Site Awards
(1997 July 17)

The World Wide Webb Has Picked Up A Few Kudos Along The Way. Come See For Yourself.