Blaine Thurlow - Bar Bouncer Or Cab Driver?
Only His Mother Knows For Sure
And Other Weird Stuff
(Having Nothing To Do With Numan)

Last Update:
97 Nov 21
Joey In A Suit?

These are photos from the wedding of my step-brother Jason and his lovely new wife Jennifer. Yes, that really is me wearing the suit.

Last Update:
97 Nov 21
Bateman Reunion
It's Pronounced suh-SKATCH-uh-WAWN

In the summer of 1996, I revisited Bateman Saskatchewan (along with me Mum and sister Heather). We lived out there for a couple of years during my youth. The occasion was the 75th anniversary, and (sadly) the closing ceremonies of, Bateman School.

Last Update:
97 Nov 21
Miscellaneous Stuffz
Is There A Photo Of YOU In Here?

Some photos from my first day back from England and other odds and ends, which are very odd and endy.