How could I possibly miss this photo? Outside Webb, Saskatchewan.

We're gettin' close now!

I have no idea who she is. But what a babe!

A side-trip to Mazenod, where we also lived for a while.

Inside Bateman School.

Inside Bateman School.

Outside Bateman School (duuuuhhhhhhh).

The church and the curling rink.

Ray Poteaux and Joey Lindstrom. Cool shirt, eh? (NO, NOT RAY'S!)

Heather and Joey standing on the site where our house once stood.

Heather and Ann grabbing something cool to drink.

Heather discovers that in Saskatchewan, EVERYBODY works...

...and goes to war, too.

Heather relaxing after a long day drivin' the tractor.

Main Street as seen from the grain elevator.

The grain elevator as seen from Main Street.

Joey and Heather behind the grain elevator.

Heather discovers that nature can call at the most inconvenient times.