"When children kill children, don't it make them wonder? Don't it make them question their faith?"
A Question Of Faith
On Being A Gary Numan Fan


Fans of Gary Numan are like none other in the music industry. Sure, they're devoted. They're loyal, to the point where they'll even buy every re-issued collection of the same old songs that comes along (as long as there's SOMETHING new). They go to the concerts, they buy the t-shirts, and they even put up web pages like this one. So far, this doesn't sound any different from the most devoted fans that any other artist might have. So what's the difference?

The level of fan loyalty is quite a bit higher than most other artists enjoy. When Gary tours, these people don't just take in a concert. Large numbers of them follow the entire tour in tour buses, taking in every concert along the way. Some are planning to fly half way around the world to take in the next concert tour. They create their own fan merchandise (keychains, t-shirts, and the like). Gary Numan Discos have become regular events - imagine an entire evening at a disco where every song is by the same artist. There've even been three spin-off bands ("GN2", "Glasshouse", and "Play Like God") that specialize in Gary Numan covers.

But what really sets Gary Numan apart is the profound effect he has had on the lives of so many of his fans. Many have recounted tales of the effect his music had on their adolescence, on how it enabled them to get through difficult periods in their lives. These people aren't crackpots - they're normal, everyday people just like you. The difference is - the music has changed these people forever.

To borrow a phrase from Law & Order... These Are Their Stories.

Shawn Pelton-Thomas
October 10
David P Brezniak
February 26
Wayne Knisley
July 26
Robert Trousdale
July 14
Robert Eggleston
January 15
Steve Hampton
January 6
Jorja Fullerton
December 7
Michael Blakley
November 15
Neil Mitchell
October 30
Mason Haven
October 26
Dan Coffey
October 25
Scott Lucado
October 22

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