Last Updated February 19th 1997

The Touring Principle
© 1979 Beggar's Banquet/Warner Brothers
Concert footage of the 1979 "Living Ornaments" tour. This was the world's first commercial music video: yet another pioneering step for Our Man Gary.

© 1981 UNKNOWN
The Wembley "Farewell" concerts.

Newman Numan
© 1982 UNKNOWN
Early music videos.

© 1984 UNKNOWN
The "Berserker" tour.

Gary Numan's Great Warbirds Air Display
© 1985 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd.
Filmed at the West Malling air show in 1983, it features Gary interviewing various personalities from the UK air display scene. This documentary was made a year before Gary bought his own Harvard airplane and took up display flying himself.

The Skin Mechanic
© 1990 IRS Records
Live concert footage.

The Unborn
© 1991 Concord - New Horizons Corp.
A feature film starring Brooke Adams, and listed here because it contains a soundtrack composed and performed by Gary Numan & Michael R. Smith. Music from this soundtrack is featured on Human, available in the Studio Albums section.

Shadow Man
© 1994 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd.
Music videos (1983 to 1994).

Dream Corrosion
© 1994 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd.
The "Dream Corrosion" tour (London Hammersmith Apollo, 1993).

The Radial Pair
© 1994 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd.
A documentary of the flying career of "The Radial Pair" (ie: Gary and his buddy) plus a demonstration of formation aerobatics by Gary himself. It is accompanied by eight unique instrumental songs as a backdrop to the visuals. Music available from the Gary Numan Fan Club

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