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Last Updated August 28th 1998

From The Beggars Banquet Vault

  Numan/Tubeway Army 1978
© 1983 Beggars Banquet (BEG 92E)

  Numan/Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Volume 2
© 1985 Beggars Banquet (BEG 123E)

  Numan/Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Volume 3
© 1985 Beggars Banquet (BEG 124E)

  Numan/Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Volumes 1-3
© 1985 Beggars Banquet (BEGC 7879)

By And/Or With Other Artists

Clues (By Robert Palmer)
© 1980 Island Records (ILPS 90493-2)
Features a cover of Gary's "I Dream Of Wires" (with Gary on keyboards) as well as "Found You Now", a song Gary co-wrote with Robert.

Addictions Volume One (By Robert Palmer)
© 1989 Island Records (ILPS 9665)
Features "Style Kills", a song Gary co-wrote with Robert.

Automatic (With Bill Sharpe)
© 1989 Polydor Records (839 520-2)
Gary co-wrote most of the songs and handles the lead vocal duties.

  To Cut A Long Story Short (Various Artists)
© 1995 Energy Records {Sweden}
Features covers of two Numan songs by the bands Devoid and Moulin Noir.

Ghost Of A White Face Clown (Various Artists)
© 1995 Northwest Elektro-Industrial Coalition
A tribute to Gary Numan, this album features ten bands covering nine Numan songs.

Replicants (by The Replicants)
© 1995 BMG Music (72445-11117-2)
A rather bizarre disc featuring nothing but covers (hence the name of the album and the band), including one of Gary's "Are 'Friends' Electric?"

Techno Army Featuring Gary Numan
© 1996 Castle Communications plc (WEN CD 006)
Gary was paid £20,000 to come in and re-sing the vocals for this tribute album - an entire album of Numan covers done by one band.

Songs In The Key Of X (Various Artists)
© 1996 Warner Brothers Records (9362-46079-2)
Music from and inspired by the television series "The X Files," this album features a cover of Numan's "Down In The Park" by The Foo Fighters.

Random (Various Artists)
© 1997 Beggars Banquet (cat.num.??)
A 2-disc tribute to Gary Numan by some of today's hottest up-and-coming and established acts, including Republica, Gravity Kills, Jesus Jones, Kenickie, and Pop Will Eat Itself.

Gary Numan: The Mix (Various Artists)
© 1998 Cleopatra Records (CLP 0192-2)
A new spin on the 1996 best-forgotten tribute "Techno Army" - and this time they got it RIGHT. Features remixes by several of Gary's Cleopatra label-mates including Information Society, Kill Switch... Klick, and Spahn Ranch.

Dark City Soundtrack (Various Artists)
© 1998 TVT Records (TVT 8160-2)
A dark, spooky movie with some dark, spooky music - including Gary's "Dark".

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