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Hmmm. An entire album of covers. By a band that calls themselves "The Replicants". Seem a little contrived to you? The Replicants are Ken Andrews, Paul D'Amour, Greg Edwards, and Chris Pitman. Aside from none of them having any allergies to packing material, I know absolutely nothing about any of them or this project - although they do seem to like Gary Numan. If you've got any information, feel free to let me know.

Track Listings
# Song Title RealAudio
1 Just What I Needed None
2 Silly Love Songs None
3 Life's A Gas None
4 Cinnamon Girl None
5 How Do You Sleep? None
6 Destination Unknown None
7 No Good Trying None
8 Are 'Friends' Electric? 28K G2 02:30
9 Dirty Work None
10 The Bewlay Brothers None
11 Ibiza Bar None

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