Last Updated February 19th 1997

© 1979 UNKNOWN (Intercord INT 146.606)
This album was withdrawn from distribution shortly after its release, and is highly valued as a collector's item.

Newman Numan: The Best Of Gary Numan
© 1982 TV Records/Virgin (TVA 7)

Numa Records Year 1
© 1985 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMAC 1004)
Gary started up his own label in 1984 and signed several up-and-coming artists. This release highlights some of the best of the year for Numa Records, includinga few of Gary's own tracks. Other artists include Paul Gardiner, John Webb, Caroline Munro, and Hohokam.

© 1987 Beggars Banquet/Polygram Inc. (BEGA 88CD1/2 & Polygram 832 993-2)
Released as a companion to the CD Reissue set, this is a best-of 2-CD collection of material taken from Gary's first eight albums. Two versions exist: a UK edition and a Canadian edition. The latter omits a few tracks in favour of three tracks that Gary recorded with Bill Sharpe.

© 1989 Beggars Banquet (BBP5CD)
A six-song picture disc.

The Collection
© 1989 Castle Communications (CCSCD 229)
Beggars Banquet material - fills some of the gaps left by the first reissue set.

Isolate: The Numa Years
© 1992 Numa Records/Machine Music Ltd. (NUMACD 1008)
After three albums, Numan decided to retire his Numa Records label and signed with IRS. When that deal ended, somewhat acrimoniously, Numan restarted Numa Records and released this compilation of material from those first three Numa Records albums. This material, up to this time, was either unavailable on CD at all, or had been released only in limited quantities. All three Numa albums have since been reissued.

The Other Side Of... Gary Numan
© 1992 Receiver Records (RRCD 170)
The first compilation of Numa material to be licenced and released by another label, this one complements Isolate rather nicely.

Document Series Presents Gary Numan
© 1992 Connoisseur Collections (CSAP CD 113)
A rather pointless collection of early Beggars Banquet material.

The Best Of Gary Numan 1978-1983
© 1992 Connoisseur Collections (CSAP CD 113)
Another pointless release. If you've already got Exhibition, the only thing new here is the '93 Sprint Mix of Cars.

Here I Am
© 1994 Receiver Records (RRCD 186)
Receiver's second compilation of Numa material continues to fill some gaps and also includes some rare live tracks.

Premier Hits
© 1996 Beggars Banquet (BBL 2007 CD)
After the song Cars was featured in a TV commercial for Carling Premier Lager, Beggars decided to milk the cow yet again and released this, a collection of every Numan single to hit the charts (up to 1983). The UK version was licenced to, and released by, Polygram Records: the North American version will be released by Beggars sometime in 1997.

The Story So Far
© 1996 Receiver Records (RRCD 221~223)
A three-disc boxed set noted for liner notes that are, to put it nicely, somewhat inaccurate. Most of the material here has already been seen on CD, however there are some live tracks from the "Isolate Tour" that is new to CD.

Gary Numan Archive
© 1996 Rialto Records (RMCD 205)
If you're looking for rare live tracks, this is probably a better bet than The Story So Far.

The Best Of Gary Numan 1984-1992
© 1996 Emporio Records/Trojan Recordings Ltd. (EMPRCD 666)
Nothing new here.

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