The Best Of Gary Numan 1978-1983
(BEGA ???) / (Polygram 769 742 018-2)
© 1993 Beggar's Banquet / Polygram Inc.

Track Listings
# Disc One Disc Two
1 Cars (original single) Cars ('93 Sprint Mix)
2 We Are Glass We Take Mystery (To Bed)
3 Are 'Friends' Electric? I Die: You Die
4 My Love Is A Liquid Down In The Park
5 Music For Chameleons She's Got Claws
6 Complex Stormtrooper In Drag
7 Me! I Disconnect From You My Shadow In Vain
8 Love Needs No Disguise This Wreckage
9 Bombers Sister Surprise
10 The Joy Circuit M.E.
11 We Are So Fragile You Are In My Vision
12 Films Metal
13 Warriors I'm An Agent
14 That's Too Bad White Boys And Heroes
15 Everyday I Die (Live) The Life Machine
16 On Broadway (Live) My Centurion
17 Please Push No More
& Down In The Park (piano version)
Remember, I Was Vapour

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