"I still remember. I still remember how love burned away. This could be my last song. Everything must end some day."
I Still Remember
Operation: Gary Numan Awareness

Most of us, particularly fans in North America, can relate to this scenario: you're listening to some Numan track and a friend, or stranger, or whatever, walks onto the scene and recognizes the music. Most of the time the reaction is breathtaking... "hey, I remember that song! That's The Cars, right? No, wait, it must be Devo! Yeah, that's it..."

This section of The World Wide Webb is devoted to your stories of "rediscovery". Some are amusing, some are just plain interesting, and some are truly unique. We invite you to share some of those experiences with us now, and if you've got one of your own, we'd sure like to hear it. Send your story via email to Joey Lindstrom.

Title Writer Date
Gary Numan T-Shirts Help Spread The Gospel Simon Pearce 1997 Nov 5
Gary Numan Will Soon Rule The World Bas Vos 1997 Jan 30
The Unexpectedly Educated Cab Fare Joey Lindstrom n/a
Yes, He's Still Alive Wayne Knisley n/a

A Hearty "Thank You" To Wayne Knisley For Inspiring This Feature.