I Still Remember
Yes, He's Still Alive
By Wayne Knisley

Yesterday I had gone to my mom's house to pick up some Numan CD's and I came home and started playing them. My roommate's friends were there and they heard me playing Strange Charm (Unknown And Hostile) and one guy says, "This sounds like Gary Numan but it can't be because he hasn't put out anything in over 15 years...I don't even know if he's still alive."

Well I started laughing hysterically and then I set him straight. He was so shocked to hear that he had put out so many albums. He said the reason that he stopped listening to his music was because he didn't hear anything new from Gary. So now he's all jazzed and when he gets back to L.A. he's going Gary Numan CD shopping.

I felt I had done my job of (OGNA) Operation Gary Numan Awareness!!