I Still Remember
Gary Numan T-Shirts Help Spread The Gospel
By Simon Pearce

Although this story didn't happen to me, I thought I should relate it to you anyway.

My brother was involved in a car crash on the date of the Gary's Guildford appearance in the Exile tour. Unfortunately, my brother's car was not driveable and he called out the Automobile Association to tow him home. We had both been to see Gary a few nights before, and consequently Chris was wearing his Exile T-shirt.

When the AA man arrived he was stunned to see a Gary Numan T-shirt, and insisted that Chris take off his coat so that he could make a note of the dates on the back.

A similar situation happened to him a few years ago when he was out with my parents visiting a local landmark in Essex. He was wearing his Numan Harvard T-shirt when the man himself flew over the river from the North Weald airfield about 20 miles away. If that wasn't enough of a coincidence, standing right next to him as he watched Gary fly over was a guy who was part of The Squadron and who helped maintain the Harvard. He of course, complemented Chris on his T-shirt!