"And sometimes, when I forget, I call for you. And I wonder." 
I Wonder
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Latest Numan News

As much as I would like The World Wide Webb to feature the very latest in news and information from the Numan camp, I've come to realize that the job is next to impossible for the simple reason that I'm 11,000 kilometres away from the action. I'll do my best, though, in reporting the latest news and rumours from various sources. Please understand, however, that I make no claim to objectivity. What you're reading here is coloured by my own rather in-your-face opinions, which you may or may not agree with - your mileage may vary. These opinions are representative of the views of myself, Joey Lindstrom, and my web-site partner, Racey Sealock, and possibly NO-ONE ELSE.

You can find the very latest news from within the Numan camp on Gary's own NuWORLD News Page. 

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