We Have A Technical
Numan Contest - 3rd Edition

The Contest Winner For May 1997 Is:
Sam Warren of New York City, NY, USA

Sam took four cracks at winning one of the four tapes we had to give away, and finally came up lucky on his last attempt. His entry was picked in a random drawing of the three correct entries, so he joins William Wilson (of Glasgow, Scotland, UK), Michel Lafontaine (of Montreal, Quebec, Canada) and Jean-Francois Mainguet (of Grenoble, France) as one of the lucky winners of a "Ghost Of The White Face Clown" tape courtesy of Northwest Elektro-Industrial Coalition.

The other two people (this month was tough!) who got all ten of this month's song lyrics were:

Klaus Sauer
Bob Davis

I'd like to thank everybody who played - I hope you had fun with it. The current contest is now over and we're going to put things on hiatus for a little while, perhaps starting up some new contests in the autumn. What I need are:

  1. Some new contest ideas, and
  2. Some prizes to give away

Gotta do some thinking. Anyways, keep checking back here so that you won't miss out on any of the fun or on any chances to win cool stuff!

May's Entry Form - Won By Sam Warren
  1. I've Seen The Light Shine On The Grave Of Man - "Prophecy"
  2. She Disconnects My Own Heart At Times - "My Car Slides (2)"
  3. Because You're Treading On My Dreams - "Tread Careful"
  4. He Wore A Number 7 Badge On His Collar - "Only A Downstat"
  5. The Man Is A Thinker Who Thought That He Died - "The Crazies"
  6. I've Done Things God Should've Questioned - "Shame"
  7. The American Dream's Sure To Save Me - "Icehouse"
  8. If He Won't, You Will, Style Kills - "Style Kills"
  9. Did You Whisper The Truth Like A Memory Of Pain? - "Whisper Of Truth"
  10. Do It Once More For The Boys In The Band - "Some New Game"

April's Entry Form - Won By William Wilson
  1. Here In My Car I Feel Safest Of All - "Cars"
  2. And Just For A Second I Thought I Remembered You - "Are 'Friends' Electric?"
  3. I Was In A Car Crash Or Was It The War? - "Me! I Disconnect From You"
  4. You'll Soon Be Broken Down Like All The Rest Who Tried - "You Are, You Are"
  5. They Crawl Out Of Their Holes For Me - "I Die: You Die"
  6. You're My Assassin But You Can't See The Crime - "We Take Mystery (To Bed)"
  7. Sell A Slim Body To The Man Next Door - "Sister Surprise"
  8. All That We Know Is Hate And Machinery - "Engineers"
  9. You Have Defaced My Face - "Please Push No More"
  10. But Now It's Come To Earth In Search Of Us - "Pray"

March's Entry Form - Won By Michel Lafontaine
  1. She's Like Death On Two Legs - "The God Film"
  2. I'll Trade New Dreams For Old - "Berserker"
  3. I'll Love You 'Till God Comes And Takes Me Away - "You Walk In My Soul"
  4. It's Far Too Risky To Admit That You Care - "Zero Bars"
  5. No Hand Of Friendship For The Likes Of Me - "Like A Refugee"
  6. The Body Of Christ Is As Black As His Soul - "Prophecy"
  7. The Rhythm Of The Evening Will Tear Me Apart Again - "The Rhythm Of The Evening"
  8. Join The Army You Can See The World - "My Breathing"
  9. I'm Alone In My Room And I'm Scared Of It - "Bleed"
  10. Does She Break Your Heart Like She Broke Mine? - "Heart"

February's Entry Form - Won By Jean-Francois Mainguet
(Sorry - Unavailable)