Those of us who use Windows, Windows '95, and/or OS/2 along with a sound card know that the creators of these operating systems have enabled "system sound events". That is, when certain actions are performed, the system will play back a short piece of audio to signify the action performed. For example, opening folders, error messages, and the like.

Both Windows and OS/2 come with an assortment of built-in system sounds, contained in ".WAV" files, but these are rather limited. As a Gary Numan fan, your computer needs to be "Numanized" and that's where NuWAVes comes in. It's a collection of these .WAV files that you can drop into your Windows, Windows '95, or OS/2 system alongside the existing sounds. You can then REDEFINE the sounds played for each and every system event. The difference here is that these sounds have been sampled directly from Gary Numan's recorded works, and sound GREAT!

Once installed and set up, your computer will sport a rather eerie set of sounds that should freak out mothers, fathers, siblings, room-mates, and the occasional cat. :-)

What's New With V2.00 - every sound clip got re-sampled, this time at 22.05 KHz and in stereo, so they all sound a whole lot better. Ditched a couple of the lame ones and added eleven new ones. They now total about 8.8 megabytes in size, but the archive above is only 3 megabytes. Click here to download the entire set as NUWAV20.RAR (3,002,534 bytes). A version of the RAR Archiver is available for download if you need it to unpack this file.