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Finding And Buying Numan Music


Finding Gary Numan's music (or Numan-related titles) can often be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Many mainstream music outlets are carrying one or two titles again, but generally they only carry the "best-of" compilations such as "Exhibition", "The Best Of Gary Numan 1978-1983", "Here I Am", and the like. Reissues, the IRS and Numan catalogues, and other works are virtually impossible to find without a detective's licence.

The purpose of this page is quite simple: it will be a clearing-house of information to assist fans, both old and new, in obtaining Numan material (music or otherwise). Feel free to use this information as you like but bear in mind that we make no guarantees as to the accuracy of it, nor do we warrant that you'll receive quality service. If it's here, it's because somebody has recommended it.

National/International Music Outlets

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Recommended by: Joey Lindstrom (and nearly every other fan)
Gary Numan's very own web site. On it, you can order videos, all of the current Numa Records catalogue as well as the Salvation Records (fan club) material. You can't (yet) order online: you print out an order form and send it (along with your cheque or credit card information) directly to Numa Records.

Compact Disc
Recommended by: Joey Lindstrom
These folks have a catalogue of over 100,000 titles. They don't stock items, they're basically a middleman that takes your order and tracks down the right source. And, in my experience at least, they're damned good at it. New titles appear generally within a week of release. Pricing is "about average" but if you live outside of the USA you must also add in shipping (plus GST for those in Canada), making it one of the more expensive places to order from. In my experience, the fast and efficient service makes up for the higher pricing - I've ordered my last eight CD's through these folks and I've been generally quite satisfied.

German Music
Recommended by: Stephen J. Callahan
Affiliated with CD Connection, this site is set up virtually identically. The primary difference is that this one is based in Holland and has access to import titles that are not available elsewhere, and this is especially true when it comes to Numan releases.

I have not personally dealt with these folks but some other fans in the Digest have, and they seem generally happy with the service and especially the pricing (which seems a bit lower than CD CONNECTION). They've got a track record so I really don't think you'll go too wrong here. I have steered clear of them, however, because their web-forms don't seem to agree with my web-browser. :-)

Recommended by: Sean Francis
This UK-based outfit, run by Robin Davis, offers a huge collection of music-related collectibles, on vinyl, CD, cassette, even 8 track, plus tour programs, books, basically the works. They are mentioned here because of an extensive, and relatively low-priced, Gary Numan collection, including many very rare items. Dealing with their catalog is a bit of a chore (you must download it and view it offline), but full instructions are provided.

Local Music Outlets

Nothing yet... got something?

What's Your Story?

If you've had good results dealing with a store (local place down the street or multi-national corporation), then please: share it with us. I'll add your information to this page so that others can benefit. Here's what I need:
  1. The name of the outlet
  2. If they're on the internet, please provide their address (telnet, web, email, whatever)
  3. A mailing address (if applicable)
  4. Phone numbers (voice and fax if possible)
  5. If they're a smaller operation (ie: the local independent record store in your neighborhood), please find out whether they're willing to ship outside of the local area, and what charges (if any) apply for this. If they're not, or the shipping area is limited, please let me know what those limits are. I'll still list them for the benefit of people in the shipping and/or local shopping area.
  6. A contact name (if applicable)
  7. Your experiences with the outlet in question. Why do you recommend them? Anything we need to know over and above the basic information?

Send it all to Joey Lindstrom, and it will be placed online as soon as possible.