Assassination by the radio, I don't know if they can do it. I've found the problem and the problem's 'One'. I'm here to pick up the pieces. Your breathing haunts me."
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In association with Cleopatra Records, this site will - over the course of the next few months - bring to you music samples from the entire Cleopatra Numan catalog. This will in fact take quite a while to get going so please bear with us - and check back often, because you never know what will pop up here next!

Cleopatra (& Eagle) Albums
© 1997 Cleopatra Records (US CLP 0200-2, UK EAGCD008)
[Our Last Update: 98 July 24]
Gary Numan's breathtaking return to North American music stores. Newly signed to Eagle Records and Cleopatra Records, Gary puts forth a dark, hypnotic theme album centred around the idea of: what if heaven and hell were the same place?
Gary Numan: The Mix (Various Artists)
© 1998 Cleopatra Records (CLP 0192-2)
[Our Last Update: 98 August 20]
A new spin on the 1996 best-forgotten tribute "Techno Army" - and this time they got it RIGHT. Features remixes by several of Gary's Cleopatra label-mates including Information Society, Kill Switch... Klick, and Spahn Ranch.

All Cleopatra Records albums can be ordered from CDNOW.COM online. The purpose of this presentation is to allow you, the music-buyer, a chance to preview the music before purchasing. If you enjoy what you hear, as I'm sure you will, you'll be even happier owning your own copy.