Assassination by the radio, I don't know if they can do it. I've found the problem and the problem's 'One'. I'm here to pick up the pieces. Your breathing haunts me."
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Capitol Records (IRS) Song Clips

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This section contains short song clips of Numan-related material released by Capitol Records (under the IRS and Illegal Records labels). This is an unauthorized use of this material: the purpose is to encourage you to have a listen to what's available and, hopefully, convince you to buy your own copy.

IRS/Illegal Albums
Metal Rhythm/New Anger
© 1988 IRS/Illegal Records (UK ILPCD035, US IRSWD-82005)
[Our Last Update: 98 August 20]
This album was released as Metal Rhythm in the UK and as New Anger in North America. There are several differences between the two - if you're able to obtain both, do so.
© 1991 IRS/Illegal Records (UK ERISA 1039, US X2 13077)
[Our Last Update: 98 August 25]
Probably one of the most-maligned albums in Numan's career - perhaps undeservedly so. It's certainly DIFFERENT. Come judge for yourself.

All Capitol Records albums can be ordered from CDNOW.COM online - however, many of these titles are now out of print. Check your local new and used record stores. The purpose of this presentation is to allow you, the music-buyer, a chance to preview the music before purchasing. If you enjoy what you hear, as I'm sure you will, you'll be even happier owning your own copy.