Assassination by the radio, I don't know if they can do it. I've found the problem and the problem's 'One'. I'm here to pick up the pieces. Your breathing haunts me."
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The material in this section was all recorded without authorization, albeit with the tacit approval of the various record companies involved. As such, no material will appear here that is available FOR SALE in an authorized format - with the exception of Live At The Roxy (see below). You are free to enjoy this material as it is - it may just encourage you to purchase a legitimate studio or live recording.

If you've got any reasonably-good quality boots that you'd like to share with your fellow Numanites on the internet, contact me.

Bootleg Concert Listings

Portland, Oregon - Berbati's Pan - May 16th 1998
London - Hammersmith Odeon - October 14th 1983
New York - The Ritz - October 26th 1982 (coming soon!)
London - "Live At The Roxy" - Early 1978

All Gary Numan albums can be ordered from CDNOW.COM online. The purpose of this presentation is to allow you, the music-buyer, a chance to preview the music before purchasing. If you enjoy what you hear, as I'm sure you will, you'll be even happier owning your own copy.