Assassination by the radio, I don't know if they can do it. I've found the problem and the problem's 'One'. I'm here to pick up the pieces. Your breathing haunts me."
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In association with Beggars Banquet, this site will - over the course of the next few months - bring to you music samples from the entire Beggars Banquet Numan catalog. This will in fact take quite a while to get going so please bear with us - and check back often, because you never know what will pop up here next!

Beggars Banquet 20th Anniversary Reissues
Tubeway Army
© 1998 Beggars Banquet (BBL 4 CD) [Our Last Update: 98 Sep 2]
#1 in the series. This was originally released as a limited-edition blue vinyl LP, of which 5000 were sold. It was later, after the success of Replicas, reissued with new artwork (shown here).
© 1998 Beggars Banquet (BBL 7 CD) [Our Last Update: 98 Sep 2]
#2 in the series. This was Gary's big breakthrough. The single "Are 'Friends' Electric?" hit #1 on the singles chart during the same week that the album managed to attain the #1 spot on the albums chart. This all happened while Gary was in the studio already recording the follow-up album.
The Pleasure Principle
© 1998 Beggars Banquet (BBL 10 CD) [Our Last Update: 98 Aug 29]
#3 in the series. This was Gary's second consecutive #1 album in the UK, which went #1 at the same time the single "Cars" achieved the same feat on the singles chart - the second time during 1979 he accomplished this rare double. Gary Numan is one of only 13 artists who can claim the "double double". A landmark album featuring NO guitars whatsoever.
© 1998 Beggars Banquet (BBL 19 CD) [Our Last Update: 98 Aug 26]
#4 in the series. This was Gary's third consecutive #1 album in the UK, and in my mind is probably the most brilliant album he created during his time with Beggars. Layered textures and the return of guitars, along with the viola and other exotica.

Beggars Banquet Compilation Albums

Premier Hits
© 1996 Beggars Banquet (BBL 2007 CD) [Our Last Update: 98 Jul 23]
Features a remixed version of Gary's best-selling single "Cars", and also includes all of Numan's chart singles while signed with Beggars.

All Beggars Banquet albums can be ordered directly from the Beggars Banquet Online Mail Order Facility. The purpose of this presentation is to allow you, the music-buyer, a chance to preview the music before purchasing. If you enjoy what you hear, as I'm sure you will, you'll be even happier owning your own copy.