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Some Interesting Pages With Numan Content

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The Aircrash Bureau BBS
Produced by Eric Schreiber

This is less a Numan Site than an advertisement for a (free) BBS by the same name. Eric's quite a Numan fan and his BBS carries a store of Numan files online - worth checking out!

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Beggar's Banquet Records
Produced by (Unknown)

The official web site of the record label that launched Gary Numan's career (although some would say it was the other way around). The site is witty, concise, and contains lots of information about the various bands that have recorded under this label at one time or another. Be sure to check out the Random page, which highlights the upcoming Gary Numan tribute album of the same name.

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Cleopatra Records
Produced by Hallucinet

The official homepage of Cleopatra Records, Gary's new label for US releases. Info on upcoming releases plus a Gary Numan bio page that's fairly well done.

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New Wave Complex
Main Page | Gary Numan Page
Produced by Ashley Fletcher

The New Wave Complex is a set of home pages, plus links to other pages, covering some of the best New Wave acts of the 70's and 80's. It is included here because of the WONDERFUL Numan discography page that is included as part of this site.

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The Ultimate Band List
Main Page | Gary Numan's Page

This site contains listings for thousands of artists, including you-know-who. For the most part it duplicates this "other exhibits" page but also carries a few other tidbits - it's worth your time.