Raw Pictures Archive

Many of these shots are used in my Premier Tour pages, with a few left over. They're in no particular order. My scanning is incomplete - many more photos will join this page in the next while (I hope).

First Batch - April 22 1996
jpluk001.gifBirmingham Ticket
jpluk002.gifGuildford Ticket
jpluk003.gifMilton Keynes Ticket
jpluk004.gifSouthampton Ticket
jpluk005.gifHammersmith Ticket
jpluk006.gifManchester Ticket
jpluk010.gifBerserker Album Cover w/autograph
jpluk011.gifTechno Army Album Cover
jpluk020.gifTour Programme - pic of Gary
jpluk021.gifTour Programme - pic of Gary
jpluk022.gifTour Programme - Thank You to Carling Premier
jpluk023.gifTour Programme - pic of Ade Orange
jpluk024.gifTour Programme - pic of Rob Harris
jpluk025.gifTour Programme - pic of David Brooks
jpluk026.gifTour Programme - pic of Richard Beasley
jpluk027.gifTour Programme - front cover
jpluk101.jpgJason Smith
jpluk102.jpgGary Layton, Joey Lindstrom, Bill Sharpe, Gary Numan
jpluk103.jpgBill Sharpe (and Ashley - eek!)
jpluk104.jpgRob Harris
jpluk121.jpgConcert shot - just after I lit a smoke apparently
jpluk122.jpgOutside Hog's Back
jpluk123.jpgOutside Hog's Back
jpluk124.jpgOutside Hog's Back
jpluk126.jpgConcert Equipment
jpluk127.jpgConcert Equipment
jpluk134.jpgThe scenery moved suddenly!
jpluk135.jpgGuildford street
jpluk201.jpgMy uncle Joe listening to tunes
jpluk202.jpgMy uncle Joe listening to tunes
jpluk203.jpgMy uncle Joe rolling a smoke, wearing my hat
jpluk204.jpgMy uncle Joe listening to tunes
jpluk205.jpgMy uncle Joe listening to tunes
jpluk206.jpgMy uncle Joe listening to tunes
jpluk208.jpgMy uncle Mick plus cousins
jpluk209.jpgMy aunt Helen and cousin Hannah
jpluk210.jpgMy uncle Mick
jpluk212.jpgMy cousin Anthony's barber shop in action
jpluk214.jpgMy cousin Anthony and me
jpluk215.jpgThe band "Gemini" and me
jpluk217.jpgMy cousin Anthony outside his shop
jpluk218.jpgOutside Euston Station
jpluk219.jpgOutside Euston Station
jpluk220.jpgOutside Euston Station
jpluk221.jpgOutside Euston Station
jpluk224.jpgMy aunt Helen
jpluk324.jpgMatthew in our room at the Milton Keynes Forte Crest Hotel
jpluk601.jpgJoey Lindstrom, Matthew Holbrook, Gary Numan. Gary has apparently just discovered that someone's been eating his chips.
jpluk602.jpgJoey Lindstrom, Matthew Holbrook, Gary Numan. Gary has acquired a fresh chip supply and is much happier.
jpluk604.jpgRobert Eggleston, Kirsten Meigh, Jason Smith, Matthew Holbrook.
jpluk626.jpgMatthew and various (the bar in Southampton)
jpluk627.jpgGemma O'Neill, Matthew Holbrook, Gary Numan.